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„Only when we understand this slide will we win the war,” said a slightly grumpy General Petreus about a PowerPoint presentation that was supposed to explain … to him.

The general is not alone in his frustration. Most presentations in our everyday business life are too long, too colorful, confusing. Headlines don’t match the slide content, continuous text instead of concise statements, no storyline. After what is often a torturous long presentation, you ask yourself “so what?”


Anyone who frequently creates presentations should master the skills for an appealing visualization. There are basic rules for professional slide creation so that the key message and argumentation are understood by the recipient without comment at best and no questions remain unanswered.


With our Pyramid Visualizer, you will learn in small groups to create professional slides in small groups. Our graphics professionals discuss various options for solving concrete challenges, show you a variety of before-and-after examples, and optimize your own sample slides in our “live cooking” slots. AI can already do this quite well, but you should be able to do it better afterwards, especially in line with your corporate design, complemented with the necessary creativity.


We work directly on the basis of your corporate design master. And we deliver immediately: Your sample slides are improved right on the spot und send to you.

We also train project teams on the client master, which is in addition pimped by our professional graphic designers.


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Deutsch, English


Remote (2x4, 4x2 or 8 hours session) plus 1 hour 1x1 coaching per participant

"This was not PowerPoint training. This is more about graphics and quite a bit of slide structuring skills.""
John S.
“The "Live Cooking" was impressive.”
Petra G.


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We give structure to the individual client case and provide pyramid thinking logic for life.

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Decades of practice have shaped us to deliver compelling messages.

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