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Monday morning, 3 unread mails in the inbox with the subject lines “Re:”, “Status update” and “Urgent decision needed: Budget project SATURN”. Which e-mail do you open first? 8:00 a.m., appointment with the boss. You only have 5 minutes to convince him of your new product idea – the classic elevator pitch moment!


The higher you climb the career ladder, the more important it becomes for you to structure complex topics quickly and make far-reaching, well-founded decisions. Top management and customers measure you by how quickly you get to the point and can communicate convincingly. Pyramid Thinking has been proven to help you get on the road to success.


With the Pyramid Builder, you or your team will learn to reduce any topic, no matter how complex, to a crisp and clear key message and then argue it concisely, logically and convincingly. Whether orally, by e-mail or as a presentation.


2 special advantages with us: We teach the theory based on a concrete use case from your team, so that you can use the work result immediately. In addition, one hour of remote coaching per participant is included after the group coaching. So that the next Elevator Pitch is guaranteed to be a success. And the acceleration on the way to success.


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Onsite (2 days) or remote (4x4 hours sessions) + 1 hour 1x1 coaching per participant

“One of the best trainings in my life so far – lot of learning, great expertise of the trainers, good energy as well as seamless online learning experience.”
“I specifically valued the coached breakout sessions. That was so helpful to have a guided go at this which most of the trainings and breakout sessions miss.”


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We give structure to the individual client case and provide pyramid thinking logic for life.

About us

Decades of practice have shaped us to deliver compelling messages.

About us

Until 2020, we traveled the world for our clients from our offices in Hamburg and Zurich.


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