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In just 5 days, your customer is expecting the offer for another consulting project. A short phone call, a few key points by email, that’s all the input you have at the moment. Your account team? On vacation or traveling. The solution? It is not uncommon in such cases to use the “Proposal-LEGO”, i.e. a set of standard slides is remixed, individualized here and there, and the offer is ready. This your makes differentiation difficult, especially with standard products. 


Customers expect to be understood. And they also expect you to explain in your offer why you will solve the specific task better than your competitors. And all of this packed into an exciting story that makes them want to know more.


With our Sales Excellence Program, you turn proposal creation into a structured process with a higher chance of winning. We coach your sales teams to precisely penetrate the individual problem of a customer, to transfer it into a crisp and clear storyline and to present it confidently in front of a critical audience.



The program combines the theory of an 8-step process with a lot of exercising, as each account team works on a real customer case. The results are immediately applicable offers. And in order to shine safely on the finish line, the account teams compete “against each other” in a “pitch dress rehearsal”. In this way, possible improvements are reflected upon together in a larger auditorium before the pitch goes to the customer.


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- Remote or as a blended concept
- 4x4 hours distributed over several days/weeks 
- 4x2 hours individual coaching per account team
- 2 hours final presentation in front of your management 


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We give structure to the individual client case and provide pyramid thinking logic for life.

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Decades of practice have shaped us to deliver compelling messages.

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8 steps to a convincing business presentation


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