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Lead customers and teams better with arguments

Sell your ideas. Make a point. In meetings, in presentations or eMails to people who are important to your business success. We show you how to find the best arguments and make them compelling towards your audience. Regardless the function you are in. It works for controllers, legal counsels, business developers and so on. If you have the ambition to do this: First think, than ink.

Our portfolio

Pyramid thinking for our approach to all products

Four categories for 16 products. Sorted by demand and application scenarios. But the most important thing always comes first.

Our portfolio

Your 9 advantages with steercom

Small groups

minimum of 2 coaches present (breakouts covered by one coach being always on)

Peer Learning

Participants are exchanging experiences and learnings

Team Building

Better understanding for each other and for the topic chosen


Stand out by adapting a new way of thinking and articulating


Our USP: always learn and adapt in an use case chosen by you


Put yourself into the shoes of your addressee – from minute one on


We are focusing on the final 20 % in your story, on top of the usual 80


Ask the right question to beat AI and meet the expectations of your boss

Question Mark

Ask yourself the right question if you want to come up with the best answer

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About us
Learning experience

We give structure to the individual client case and provide pyramid thinking logic for life.

About us

Decades of practice have shaped us to deliver compelling messages.

About us

Until 2020, we traveled the world for our clients from our offices in Hamburg and Zurich.



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