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About Teamspirit

About steercom

Achieve maximum impact through convincing arguments and a striking presence.

We provide top content, top coaches and top format.

Top Content:

16 different products along your career path

Top Coaches:

16 exciting personalities with longtime leadership experience in consulting, industry and sales

Top Formats:

Great learning experiences with maximum flexibility, tailored to the needs of large multinationals, small mediums and global consulting firms

Book: Key Message. Delivered.

8 steps to a convincing business presentation

Authors: Wolfgang Hackenberg, Carsten Leminsky, Eibo Schulz-Wolfgramm
3. Edition, Haufe Publishing Group

Our values

‌Customization is key

We are using a wide variety of expertise, creativity and tools but customize each offering around a specific client case. There is only one thing we fully standardize: our pricing.

Committed to sustainable delivery

We serve our clients on all continents since years but instead of travelling the world, we prefer excellent virtual team sessions in most of the cases. To stay ahead of decarbonization as well.

Empower to stay ahead of AI

Despite many long-term client relationships, our goal is to methodically empower clients to answer key questions themselves. To be able to bring logic even to the most complex questions - better that AI can do.

‌Passion in every second

We are use to face highest expectations since the begining of our careers. We are proud that all our achievemnents in the past 30 years are founded on customer satisfaction.

More information

About us
Learning experience

We give structure to the individual client case and provide pyramid thinking logic for life.

About us

Decades of practice have shaped us to deliver compelling messages.

About us

Until 2020, we traveled the world for our clients from our offices in Hamburg and Zurich.



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