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About Learning experience

your investment

We give structure to the individual client case and provide pyramid thinking logic for life.

Through brilliance of our coaches, high relevance of the content and efficient use of technology especially in virtual collaboration. The best prerequisites for a high return on your investment.

Our coaches

bring energy to the room so that interaction and activity are inevitable and everyone stays engaged from start to finish. We also stay with the teams during breakouts; trainees are never left alone at any point.

It is important to us to moderate at eye level and to bring in a wide variety of addressee perspectives that we are familiar with from our day-to-day work in different organizations.

Our cases

create impact. Because we don't rely on theory, but work on a concrete task of our customers. This way, we not only provide methodological tools, but immediately usable results.

Our technology is digital in every case, both in presence and virtually. Teams, Miro, Powerpoint and AI apps ensure structured capture of thoughts and processing into the desired target format.

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About us

Decades of practice have shaped us to deliver compelling messages.

About us

Until 2020, we traveled the world for our clients from our offices in Hamburg and Zurich.


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